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Tarzan has met Jane and they are enjoying a little time getting to know one another better.

Jane begins to wonder what sexual experiences Tarzan has had before, so she begins to carfully ask some personal questions.

"Tarzan not know what s_x is" he says with a puzzled expression.

So Jane begins to explain about s_x.

"Ah," he says, " Tarzan use knot-hole in tree trunk"

"Well from now on, you don't have to use a knot hole ever again" says Jane , " because from now on you can put it right in here" - she says pointing towards her thingy.

She then takes off all her clothes, and lies down with her legs wide apart.

Tarzan smiles, then walks towards her, then kicks her full in the crotch.

After writhing in agony for a while, Jane whimpers, "Why, why did you do that"

He says, "Tarzan test for squirrel":-doh!:-rofl2



aka Skyman
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3m(28.2E),1.5m(19.2E.13E,10E),1m (4W ,7W)1m (?).diseqc 10,sky plus,VU+,telergy iptv.
Satlook nit colour + Horizon hdsm.
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