JVC DR-mh20 Problem



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I have had the above PVR for about 2 years, and have the following problem.

When turning it off it displayed the 'goodbye' message, and I fear this time it really was! The unit just 'hanged' and did not turn off. It would not turn off using the standby button, so I chose the 'reboot' function by pressing standby and stop button. The PVR should turn off and reload settings when this option is selected, and normally takes about 1 minute to complete (the HDD 'rattles' until finished). But this time, when it restarted, it just carried on flashing 'loading', but never completed the process. It will not respond to anything, including the reboot function! The only option is to unplug at the mains. I have left it unplugged overnight, but the problem persists. The HDD powers up, it rattles (as though it's reading) for a couple of seconds and then goes quiet (still spinning) but not loading.

The HDD is a Maxtor DiamondMax 16 80GB ATA/133.

I decided to connect it to my PC to see if I could find any problems with it (maybe bad sectors or something). :confused

I set it to slave and booted it up. It was recognised in the bios settings, but not shown in windows xp. When I looked on Administrative Tools in control panel, it is shown as 'not initialized', but recognizes it as 80GB.

Is this because it is not formatted for Windows, or is this the reason the PVR won't boot up?
Is there anything I can do?
Is there any data other than recorded stuff on the disk?

Any help most welcome.