JVC TU-DB1 a word of warning - technical support



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For anyone thinking of purchase of the JVC TU-DB1 STB one of the latest to hit the market - a word of warning: The technical support offered, at this present moment, by JVC is I would suggest at best poor to non-existant!

The documentation for this product is not much better either!

If you look through the JVC specification for this box, it does NOT detail the receivers sensivity.

For all we know this STB could be as sensitive as a house brick!!!

I would suggest that without this there is no way of knowing how well this box will perform.

However don't waste your time ringing the JVC help desk on their advertised number of 0870-3305000 to seek an answer.

After being answered by their automated service, pressing of 'this button and that' on the menu my call was finally put on hold for 10+ minutes before it reached the 'top of the queue'

However when the call was finally answered they, the JVC helpdesk, hadn't a clue!

Worse - they don't appear to have an understanding of any technical issues surrounding this product.

Try asking then about S/N ratio or BER and you might as well be on planet-zom !!

This STB also has an RS232 port, on its back-side, but don't ask about its function - the response I received was somthing like 'Wots RS232?'

Finally the JVC advertised number: 0870-3305000 is on profit share so by answering your call, putting you on hold and then making you queue for an age before answer is actually making JVC money! JVC take a rake-off from the call charge that you pay.

The alternative geographic number for JVC is 020-8208-7654 However just one slight problem - same answer point, same people, just as unhelpful!!!

P.S. don't waste your time with e-mail either - they don't respond!