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KAON KSC-570Z - general questions

My Location
Hi fellows,

I own KAON KSC-570Z with "embedded" CAM + EMU for most of common providers:
  • S/W: 03.05.03
  • H/W: 12.01.A5
My personnal 'provider' also proposes SUNNY-7010 with, and that's what is confusing me, exactly the same firmware apparently then the KAON. The receiver even mentions KAON 570 in the information menu...

1. How can this miracle be possible ? I sometimes see specific EMU for SUNNY on the web but with totally different S/W and H/W... Are the hardware compatible or completely identical ?

2. In case somebody knows KAON architecture, could you please let me know whether future EMU upgrade will screw up channel preferences (favourites, ..) ? Or is it totally separated piece of code ?

Thanks in advance for your feedback