Kathrein automatic positioner



Hi, anyone know any common faults with the HDP 160?

When I power up the control unit all the LED's flash for a second or two.

The motorised unit clunks once (sort of a rapid tick tock sound)

The red (no signal) LED flashes continuously (not surprising as the dish has not raised itself)

I've tried to put the unit into manual mode by holding the park and search buttons whilst powering up.

I've tried removing the 12volt feed to the unit which forces the unit into the park position if the vehicles ignition is on.

I've downloaded all the manuals I can find on the Kathrein site.

(((((Manual says the red LED flashes when the motor move the positioner to the parking position. The internal co-ordinates of the positioner do not correspond to the actual values. The positioner moves to the parking position in order to updata the internal co-ordinates. Having switched off the control unit during the movement of the positioner may have caused that movement.Therefore the control unit must only be switched off after the motors have come to a standstill.)))))))

The signals (pin outs) for the 8 pin DIN socket would be very useful.

1 2 3

4 5 6

7 8 (Veiwed from the back looking into the socket)

Any suggestions or advice would be most (VERY VERY) welcome

Regards Simo