Kathrein UFD-580 Twin-Tuner



My Satellite Setup
Dish: 85 cm Astra 19,1 East.
My Location
I have been using this twin-tuner digital sat receiver with 80 GB hard disk for almost 12 months now, and am very pleased with its performance.

I have Astra 19 / Hotbird 13 on Tuner 1, and Astra 28,5 on Tuner 2, so that I can simultaneously tape and / or watch the German and British stations.

The recording quality (there is no possibility to choose which quality level you want) is just like the original.

It uses a TVTV EPG, which is great for the german stations, but only reads "Now and Next" for other stations, including the UK ones.

The updates from the manufacturer were always bringing improvements, and came often.

The remote control was a little problematic. If you did not hold the remote in a 100% horizontal position, or aimed at the receiver from an angle, many times you would get different results than you wanted. For instance, you might press 67, and get 62 instead.

Taking the time to aim directly solved the problem.

There is an USB connection on the rear of the receiver. You can use it to download recordings to your PC, to update channel lists, or to copy the latest Firmware updates.