Keeping Receiver on Standby or Off-Mains


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Hi ppl , wondering if anybody can give me a technical advice , I switch the receiver off , Which is the safe way to keep the receiver on STANDBY all the time or to switch it off completely from the MAINS . But as far as I know when the receiver on STANDBY ( Red lamp is on ) when I touch the back of the receiver is very hot because the electric current still passes through the coil of the transformer and keep it hot and this will shorten the life of the power supply unit of the receiver . Note that as well when I switch it from the MAINS the date and the time of thr receiver is gone and I have to set the date and the time again . Any thought you would have be greatly appreciated .


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Sniper^ is right that constant changes in temperature will do more harm than leaving the set in standby. Make sure that there is enough room for air to circulate around it and don't put any other sets on top without a breathing space in between.

If you are not watching every day then it's probably better to switch it off completely as the constant heat has a drying out effect on capacitors over time. It's a tricky judgement point to make and a fan certainly helps if it's left on all the time.

If you're talking about a $ly digibox then you need to keep it on all the time as it receives over-the-air upgrades for its software from time to time. Also the card needs to keep receiving "stay alive" signals, although up to a month shouldn't be a problem. Again a fan helps and there kits available for these.