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keymaster prob's

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I bought a baby keymaster programmer about a year ago but up 2 now never realy had the chance 2 use it. now I have the time I dont know how 2.
my sat system is a motorised 1mtr dish with a echo D2510IP with via embedded.
Can anyone help.


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Hi Whippet

Speaking from memory and from postings on this forum, I believe Keymaster stopped producing programmers around 1998. Millenium produced some software for the Keymasters but (and this needs confirming) I don't think you can program funcards with the keymaster.

If you want to get into programming funcards as well as gold and silver, you might consider purchasing the Elvis programmer. Costs £45 including serial lead, software and a gold card.

That's what I did but, as others will tell you, there are alternatives but I do believe they will be more expensive.