Keys via remote control

I have found an excellent little program called: Downloader 2.5
Whenever any of the encryption codes change, I connect to the Internet and run Downloader 2.5. In a few seconds all the changed channel keys are downloaded :) .

My only problem is how to use the downloaded keys to update my CAM using the remote control )(-red .

I accidently learned that when I receive the Polsat 13E Nagra Key "** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** * *", I would use the remote control to enter "** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **" instead. I don't know why, but it works. However, I have no clue on how to enter the other Nagra,Seca, Viaccess, and Conax codes using my remote control. Can anybody explain/help pleeeeeeease.

Ossama Haggag
The autor of Downloader is my old polish friend from the times when I was living there and we were "playing" with seca.

To be able to use your remote to put in new keys you have to have mediasat reciever (eg Pioneer, Kenwood itp) with dedicated firmware which has that function in it self (entering new keys into card via reciever).
Right now mediasats have EMU function build in which means you don't need any card any more. Your reciever "imitate" card of few crypt systems. But it's different story :)