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On my nextwave S311 I can put the keys with a menu.

To add a new key it is necessary to go in the viacess part (there is other part like conax, will nagra etc.).
There are hundreds of keys present.

To add a key it is necessary:

Provider: 000000
Standard Key: 8 bits, 16 bits, Viacess AES etc .....
Key: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 (for year AES key)
Filter: nonmodifiable

I put key AES in the zone of the key and I have put 000700 for the provider.
But that does not change anything.

Which is the index? What to make? I have hundreds of key of which tens with precise keys AES and indices.

Help me please.


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Gamboa5000 said:
So?????? Any reponse?
Obviously nobody else with such a receiver, you may need a little more patience, does this thread not help

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(ADMIN: please note, these are not real keys, nor a real provider!)

Here's part of a typical key file that you might download from internet. It shows three keys for one provider.
Note: In this example the provider may be using only the first key for now. But later he might change to the second and then to the third. When he changes to one that you haven't got, you'll have to download keys again.
Note: The number of keys has no relation to the number of channels. For example, this provider may be transmitting on 10 different channels all using the same key.

VIACCESS << Encryption method
MGV 13°EAST HOTBIRD << Provider name and satellite
Ident: 009999 << Provider code
Key 08: 3C 42 D4 C8 C0 A1 1B 9C << Digits in bold are the key index. Digits in italics are the keys.
Key 09: 46 42 E2 96 3B 94 98 64
Key 0A: 19 BD A5 C7 54 0F 9C 97

You will see that there are three keys for this provider. Generally each provider has more than one key. So there has to be a way for your receiver to know which key to use. So each key has a unique key index.
TPS AES keys are double length. In some receivers you have to enter the first eight hex pairs as one key with, for example index 00, and the remaining digits as a second key with say, index 01. Other receivers have a menu item allowing you to enter it directly. You only need this one key to open all the channels of that provider. Note, in your post you say you entered provider code 000700. It should be 007C00. At the moment there are changes to the encryption scheme being used for TPS and no keys are currently available. When this has been sorted out you may have to download an updated version of your emu.

Note: Generally, It is unlikely that you need to add a new provider. It is likely that you will only need to edit an existing key.

Example for MGV above:
If you wanted to update the keys for provider MGV you would go to your receiver's key editor, and choose provider 009999. Then look at the table of keys for this provider. Probably there is already an entry for index 08. In this case you just edit the key that is already there. But if Index 08 is not there, then you must add it.