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My Satellite Setup
DIGITAL: srt 4640,s/w version: 1.33p,(by FEB. 24 2006), H/W VERSION: 1.00, CH VERSION: FEB. 24 2006.
My Location
To whom it may concern?
I have some problem with their recent update. The updation was successful and after 3 days, I found that the Receiver was blocked or rather the software has been changed. I contacted the Dealer, after some research he told me that the software was corrupted and I have to download it from another Receiver. That did not work. Then, I took it to one of the Shops and he re-loaded the Software from computer which he got through Net (he did not gave me the details). My Receiver is str-4640 series, and the satellite channels I watch are Hispa channels. Can anyone assist out there?
Thanx a lot.