Last hope: Schematic diagram of Freecam?



Hi all,

after reflashing my Freecam (900264) with a fake 2-018 version I found that it was not recognized any more by the receiver. I spent really a lot of time with building the Ezo flash programmer (thanks Ezo! great work!) and after carefully removing the AMD flash memory and wasting many hours of sleep I managed to successfully program the flash memory. Unfortunately, when I put the chip back to its position, I found that the CAM is still not working. I have verified that the (tiny) pins do not short-circuit anywhere and they are correctly connected to the corresponding pins of the KM68100 memory chip (which uses the same pins for address and data bus). Since I am really very close to just dropping all this hard work, all I can think of is to find the schematics of the module and try to see whether every pin has been connected properly. I would greatly appreciate any help on this.

thanks in advance for any help.


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Jan 1, 2000
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Lets see... you did put the flashram in the right way, ie dot for pin one the same way it came out.
With a multimeter check all pins resistance to earth should be the same for all data lines and a different reading for all address lines.

Take the flashram off, check the program and resolder it carefully.

Otherwise ??????


Thanks for the reply, but unfortunately I am still stuck.

I have checked all the pins and they seem to be well soldered. What troubles me is whether some pads were broken, so that some pins are not connected properly to the rest of the circuit.

So, I am afraid the question remains: Can I possibly find somewhere the schematic diagram of the CAM? Until now, I have only found in the Web the diagram of the Viaccess and Euroirdeto cams.