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Latest money making scam to lookout for


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Want to earn £10,000 per week without lifting a finger? Absolutely no work involved!! And a guaranteed £10,000 per week wage packet is all yours for life.

How does it work. Well it's easy. We give you a bank account to put your £10 million pound wealth into. Then, all you do is sit back while the bank account masses interest. This, we pass onto you. Every week. Please allow six months for your account to mature before moneys grow and are paid out.

No catch. No tricks. The money is yours for life. Call ************* NOW!!:eek:


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No satellite stuff for the moment (aside from a 43cm minidish that was on the house already), Samsung SyncMaster T27B550 Smart TV & Monitor, and a few computers...
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Sounds like middlemen just putting money into a high interest account and then keeping a signifigant portion for themselves.... :p

Assuming anyone stupid enough, with £10mil to spare, falls for it... :-rofl2