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Legal TV - legal advice and information channel broadcasting from Birmingham has launched on EPG 885

Eat Cinema, a new channel about everything movies has launched on EPG 199

Disney Channel and Playhouse Disney will move to Sky's Kids Mix pack from March 16, effectively doubling their potential audience overnight.

The Toon Disney channel will be closed and a new movie service, 'Disney Cinemagic', will be launched. The 24/7 channel will be available as a free bonus to subscribers of Sky's movie channels or as a standalone premium option. Cinemagic launches at 5pm on Sunday, March 19, with the UK premiere of The Incredibles

Disney's new ESPN Classic channel, launching on March 13 as part of the News and Events Mix pack, Sport channel

Cartoon Network+ will be closing down on 6th March, the channel has confirmed

Turner Broadcasting channel Toonami will be moving down from EPG 621 to 602 to take the space vacated by Cartoon Network+.

It seems certain the decision to close down Cartoon Network+ is due to the expected launch later in the year of the new Cartoon Network Too

Boomerang+ will also launch on 6th March on EPG 621

CITV Kids until May.( dispute with Sky)

Reality Extra has launched on the Sky EPG 152

London TV will be removed from Sky Digital EPG 277 on 13th March due to a change in marketing strategy

CITV Kids The new service, launching on Saturday, March 11,