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TEST1 GC has replaced TEST1 on 13.0E 11179H/27500

Kol Haneshama has replaced AIRMEDIA on 13.0E 12379V/27500

TCM has replaced TCM. on 19.2E 11778V/27500

hir TV has replaced hir televizio on 19.2E 11993H/27500

Auto 6 Mbit/s has appeared on 16.0E 12547H/5632

UKI784 C2 4.2.2 has replaced UKI784 C1 4.2.2 on 16.0E 12562H/5632

Rustavi 2 has appeared on 42.0E 12595V/2500

Nat Geo RUM has replaced Nat Geo ROM on 15.0W 11151H/18386