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Lazer 2003 FTA 1M- Pols** AU Can You make

My Satellite Setup
opticum 1200fta (hevet digital 500, lazer 2003 FTA 1m)
Can You make soft (patch witch emu) to the Lazer 2003 FTA 1M. The lates patch it's here: h**p://upload.dvhk.pl/content.php?id=12256
This soft have encrypted S*ca1, irdeto (e.g. working TPS, Euro***t 1,2 PL, Reality tv pl,Multi***on)

He have options Nagravision but not emuled .

Pls, can you make soft to this receiver (mayby throw out {evict} all -S*ca 1, irdeto and make only Nagravision

Please, my mail: [email protected]