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Dear Friends,
I have a Lazer 2003 FTA reciever. Till last month, I was able to open many scrambled channels like Multivision, Cine FX, Polar etc using this reciever. Now, even after putting the current keys, these channels are not opening. Somebody told me to update the reciever using latest software. I found many threads on this forum regarding Lazer FTAs but not able to find a specific solution. I found some advise that the reciever is same as Neotion Box 3000. But I checked the website for neotion but not able to decide the correct software because under neotion 3000 box also there are some sub categories. Please help me by giving the following information

1. Is there any new specific software available for this model ? If yes please provide the location of software.

2. Also please advise which program can be used to connect this model reciever with my PC running Win XP using RS 232 cable.

Thanking you in advance



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The channels you mention are not available at the moment.