LCDs put 3D images in the palm of your hand

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Jun 26, 2007
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If you’ve ever wondered when thecombined intelligence of humankind would one day solve the problem of how toenable several people to simultaneously look at a 3D image of a rubber duck,then wonder no more, for that day is at hand.

Salvation comes from Japan’s National Institute of Information and CommunicationsTechnology (NICT) under the unlikely name of gCubik [Japanese].

Duck in the box

The10x10x10cm box contains LCD panels that are covered with lenses designed toproject a pseudo-3D image that appears to be inside the box and which can beseen from any angle without special glasses.

Well, giventhat gCubik has panels on only half its six sides, it’s not exactly suitablefor the duck-viewing jamboree NICT describes yet, but the next version will befully LCD-ed up.

Designs on applications

Not onlythat, but it will also go wireless, probably enabling Wi-Fi hackers to beam allmanner of joke objects onto the palms of unsuspecting duck watchers. We canonly imagine the hilarity.

In case you’re wondering,NICT reckons gCubik could be used for industrial design, education and,possibly, gaming. It goes on show next month at the 3D Image Conference 2008 inTokyo.