Legal Threat Over Sky Show



Six men are reported to be considering suing Sky One after they claimed they were tricked into competing for the affections of a transsexual in a reality television show, scheduled for transmission on November 16.

The show, There's Something About Miriam, was filmed in Ibiza in the summer and features a pre- operative transsexual.

The men claimed they were duped into kissing, cuddling and holding hands with Miriam.

In the show the men had to pick the woman they found most attractive from a line up and all selected Miriam.

Cameras filmed the men attempting to woo Miriam, including scenes of them kissing.

Viewers are told at the start of the show that Miriam is a male-to-female transsexual.

But the contestants, who are said to include a Royal Marine commando, a ski instructor and an ex-lifeguard, only discover the truth when Miriam picks the winner and then lifts up her skirt.

A spokesman for the law firm Schillings declined to provide any personal details of the contestants, who are alleging breach of contract, deceit, personal injury and sexual assault.

"The whole point is that they're not identified," the spokesman said.

"Six of them went onto this reality TV show on the understanding they'd have to do various tasks to win the affection of a very beautiful woman. After they'd been encouraged to have sexual contact, they found that she was a he -- they all found it extremely traumatic."

A BSkyB spokesman said the company had not scheduled the show for broadcast. "We have received a letter of complaint."