LG announces new 6x Blu-ray burner

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Jun 26, 2007
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Hot on the heals of LaCie’s new-fangled external 4x Blu-rayburner comes LG’s three-pronged effort that knocks its rival for six – 6x thatis.

Boasting reading and writing speeds of 6x, three new modelsare available now in the US.They are catchily titled: BE06, GBC-H20L and GBW-H20L.

The BE06 is an external drive, while the GBC-H20L andGBW-H20L are internal. Unfortunately, while all three read can read a Blu-raydisc at 6x, it is only the more expensive GBW-H20L that has Blu-ray writespeeds of 6x.

Speaking about LG’s new burners, Marc Sorkin, senior marketingmanager for LG Electronics IT and Home Entertainment products, said: "LG drivesoffer everyday users and professionals some of the fastest recording speeds inthe industry.

"With cutting-edge technologies such as SecurDisc andLightScribe, which make data transfer easier and safer, these drives meetconsumers' increasing demand for a compact storage option both in the officeand at home."

SecurDisc and LightScribe

The SecurDisc and LightScribe features that Sorkin mentionsare to do with data protection (SecurDisc) and a new feature (LightScribe) that allows disclabel creation within the burner. So no messing around with sticky labels andmarker pens, then.

The BE06 is compatible with all BD, DVD and CD formats and hasa DVD+RW/-RW recording speed of up to 16x. The GBC-H20L has a BD-R 6x read speedand the GBW-H20L has a 6x BD-R read and write speed. Oh, and all of the drivescan support HD DVD, but LG neglect to mention this for some reason.

TechRadar has contacted LG about UK availability, so expect anupdate shortly. The drives are available in the US now, however, with pricing startingat $199.95 (£102).