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Having just acquired an LG BH200 combination Bluray, HD DVD and DVD player (US import) I am hoping to make it region free for DVDs. A good few years ago there was a software hack available called which worked on a lot of early LG Bluray and DVD players (and the BH200) and I am looking for a copy of that - all the links I have found so far are either dead or a corrupted file of less than 1kb (it should be over 5M:cool:.

The BH200 is already region free for Blurays (strictly BR region can be readily changed with remote before playing disc - not strictly a hack but merely using a service menu) and HD DVDs are region free so this hack would allow playback of virtually every disc in my library in one stb.

I already had another combo unit - a Samsung BD UP5000 but that i region locked to region A (bluray) and region 1 (DVD).

By any chance does anyone have a copy of this file or a valid link?