LG lcd fault problem


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Hi , i have this 20" lg tv off a friend who doesn't need it anymore as it's busted . I wonder if i can fix it . Model no rz-20la70 . Chassis no mlo24d . The problem is when i turn the tv on the screen goes white , sometimes i can get sound ( only tried on an av channel ) and that's it . When i change channel the screen goes black for 2 seconds and then white again . Can this be fixed ? Thanks


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Sorry for the late reply, it sounds like the screen ribbon has come loose either at the back of the screen or at the main board. There's also a possibility that there's a crack at the edge of the screen which can only be solved by replacing the screen itself. :)

I often deal with cheap TFTs which have similar faults and most are easily solved, just be careful not to slip with your screwdriver!!!;)

Hope this helps... :)