Lg tv inbuilt satellite not displaying a few channels, but set up box displaying channels



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Sky dish using freesat using LG TV tuner.
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Hello all,

Got this freesat set up box already tuned from my parents house, brought it to my apartment, all UK channels working.

So I use the LG smart TV inbulit turner, which I retuned. Most of the UK channels work but im not getting a picture from Film 4, More4 and a few more. But i am recieving all chnnels/picture on my set up box which is odd.

I dont want to use my set up box as it is ugly. This is just a test.

The dish postion shouldnt be the problem then what ?

Any feedback appreciated.


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1.2M Channel Master, 1224 motor, VU+ Duo 2
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There are several Film 4 channels, listed on 28.2E:
Film 4 10714 H 22000 DVB-S clear

Film 4 10936 V 22000 DVB-S encrypted
Film 4 +1 10936 V 22000 DVB-S clear

Film 4 HD 12266 H 29500 DVB-S2 QPSK encrypted

Similar with More 4.

Can you please post more information, if you have it, and signal quality levels.
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Somebody posted a fortnight ago about certain inbuilt tuners in - larger- screen sets having less sensitive tuners. Have a search of the forum