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Just to confirm I'm a Lidl shopper - for anyone interested they are doing a Targa Home Cinema Projector for £699. This is a regional offer so check first (can't get it here in Scotland). Here's the spec and a picture.

I am interested in projectors and would welcome anyones recommendations - under £1000

REGIONAL OFFER*-**Only available from stores in the Midlands, Norfolk and Lincolnshire, London and the South East / South West of England (except Gloucestershire and Hereford)

This is a sophisticated single chip DLP TM based projector for the commercial or residential entertainment user. It enables you to project precise images up to 200 inches across (measured diagonally) from your PC or Macintosh computer (desktop or notebook), VCR, DVD player, camera or a laser disc player.
-DMD type: Texas Instruments Single Chip 1 x 0.55" DMD chip
-Colour Reproduction: 16.7 million colours simultaneously
-Projection bulb: 220W NSH 150 NEH
-Resolution: 854 x 480 wide VGA (dpi)
-Lens: 1.18 x zoom
-Image size: 76cm to 760cm
-Projection ratio: 1.6:1
-Projection modes: front, rear and ceiling
-Lamp lifespan: 2000 hours (ECO mode: 3000 hours)
-Key Stone adjustable: automatically, + or - 15°
-Audio: 1 x 1 Watt Monaural
-TV and Video-S compatibility: VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA
-CE compatibility: PAL/S*caM/NTSC 4.43; PAL M, PAL N, PAL 60 PAL/NTSC
-Sound level: 28 dB (in ECO mode at 800 ANSI lumen, 26 d:cool:
-Power consumption: 204 Watts (7.0W Standby)
-Size (mm): 190W x 115 H x 345 D including protrusions
-Weight: 2.6kg (projector)
-What's in the box?
-Projector with lens cap
-Remote control with Lithium battery (CR2025)
-Power cable 4.5m
-RGB signal cable
-Composite video cable
-S-Video cable
-Audio cable (RCA)
-Scart adapters (Video to Scart with audio L/R & RGB to Scart with audio L/R)
-Soft carrying case
-Band (use for bundling cables)
-User's manual & quick guide
-Warranty card
Features you'll enjoy:
-Low-level operation noise
-New Colour Management system
-New lens shift feature
-An extremely crisp accurate image scaling technology
-Wall colour adjustment
-Brightness - 1000 ANSI lumen
-Contrast ratio 1000:1
-3 Year Guarantee
-Price per item £699