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:-snowman Hey...I was wondering if anyone could help me. I have a reciever called Lifetime Ultra FTA, I'm not sure how to re-program it. I've tried downloading FTA Fortec Files, but for some reason I can't open them after I;ve downloaded them, Windows says that it doens't recognize which program created the I'm stuck....has anyone else come across this problem or am I just plain out doing something wrong?
How do we change the keys on a fortec lifetime ultra?
I would like to no before before the keys change.
On the section of channel edit that asks for a password, it doersn't accept my password, it it in here that gives access to the keys, if yes how do I get in, does the all7bar files come with a password?
Any help appreciated.
Thanking u in advance.

So how do you change the keys? All I get is the nag1 key access in the nagravision section.



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Hi, welcome to the forum :-sugar

Regarding your last question, you must have the password already for you to have had access to the key section. You change keys using the alphanumeric keys of your remote.

Al7bar is a bin file, which you upload to your Fortec using the Downloader tool (available from Also from that site is a 'how to' which explains the procedure.

Use a straight rs232 cable for the transfer.