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Had my Technomate 5400 for about 2 years now and
i'm thinking of upgrade to a hard drive/hd/linux model
but i'm a little confused about the advantages.
So some beginner questions.

Whats the main advantages of the linux based
systems, can you get on the web and stream
movies ect.
The technomate i have i use softcams all the time,
well only when needed-does the linux systems
give you more access to channels in other words
do the get you more than nagra.
HD...will i be able to get freesats hd channels.
Are the built in HDs good or prone to freezing anything
like that.
AND Finally.....whats the best brand or make to go
with, the technomate is a joy.

Burnham Beech

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Linux boxes are for card sharing, and they will never work as smoothly as your Technomate 5400.


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The only Linux box that I know of which claims to be capable of streaming from the internet is the AB IPBOX 9x series. Although this feature has yet to be implemented in its software.

If you intend going down the Linux box route, you had better be happy to sacrifice a big chunk of your spare time. Tinkering with them will eat up the hours.

Ive had a few SD Dreamboxs and never had any problems with playback of recorded programs. I've not read of anyone having trouble with HD boxes either.

There are softcams available for all of the Linux boxes. One of the better ones is CCcam which is intended for the Dreambox. It will read most cards across all the different encryption platforms.

The main advantage is probably card sharing.


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I own a Cuberevo (ipbox 9000). The picture quality is fantastic in both HD and upscaled SD.

There are various third party firmware to choose from and yes, you can stream using mutlicast throughout the house from the box, play media files from your PC (DIVX & MPG) or from the internal hard disk if you have fitted one.

Very please with mine. I moved from Technomate, would recommend it m8.