Liquidators seek to retrieve set-top boxes


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Now that's interesting, not so much that they are looking to recover them still, but more that there were 1.4 million boxes owned by ITV/ON which were being used without subscription and probably with pirate cards.

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Well not quite 1.4m

Dont forget that there would be simple churn from people taking up a subscription but
1) finding their reception was marginal

Many would simply return the box for a refund but would still be on the books as current 12 month subscriber, for the purpose of falsifying figures for the stock market

2) The household requires more than one box
one address is still used for the database, but more than one box in the home

3) Faulty and broken units in or out of the guarantee
same subsciber number but a replacement piece is now in use

These would be countered with a small number of boxes that really were used for piracy and nothing else, but not 1.4million

What is intersting is the £1.25 billion still owed, where did that figure crop up ?