Live TV resurrected



The former bosses of Live TV have confirmed the channel will return in the summer - complete with the weather in Norwegian.
The station, axed by the Mirror Group four years ago, will broadcast around the clock on Sky Digital.

It will feature a mixture of archive material from its previous incarnation and newly-commissioned programme formats.

The relaunch is being overseen by the station's former managing director, Mark Cullen, and ex-director of programmes, Mark Murphy, who now operate Live TV library sales.

"Live TV was one of the most popular channels on UK cable at its peak and was well known for its tabloid-style programmes," said Mr Murphy.

"We know the British public has a real interest in this type of television and we think this interest has grown since Live TV went off air. We expect quickly to gain the attention of viewers and become a firm favourite on the Sky platform."

Other shows being dusted off from the Live TV archive include Lie Detector, Agony and the soap Canary Wharf, which famously promised viewers they were never more than five minutes from a snog.

The notoriously trashy station was previously overseen by Kelvin MacKenzie, the former Sun editor. It became a media sensation but was more talked about than watched, and ended up with tens of millions of pounds of debt.

All the relaunched channel's text and telephone services will be provided by Eckoh Technologies. Its managing director, Paul Scott, said: "The digital universe has grown significantly since the channel was last on air, so there will be a whole new generation of viewers to attract."