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lock indicator stays on ok even when ariel is unplugged??

first time on this site and it looks like if anyone can help me its you guys!
my dish was knocked out of line and i easily moved it back so that the lock indicator switched from not locked to ok. all was fine up untill my flat mate decided to hang his washing on the main bracket arm (nice!!). thought there would be no problems id just do the same as before, but now even when i reset the box by unplugging the mains for 30 seconds the lock indicator stays on ok even when the lnb is unplugged!?!?. i just cant get my head around this? so called out the installer he says the dish is aligned and working fine buy a new box! this is not an option as a new box is €445 (if you catch my drift lol)

Old Fred

In the absence of a valid Sky signal, some digiboxes seem to remember a previous "lock" condition. Realign the dish with a meter then reconnect the Digibox.
thanks for the reply but i have used a meter to re-align and still this problem persists. the lock indicator is still on OK with both lines beneath reading 0000?
Im at my wits end?!? lol


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Sounds like the easiest solution is a replacement box, if you subscribe to Sky, they will normally provide an exchange unit for £60 and re-check the dish at the same time, but you normally have to tell them that you want to cancel for this offer to materialise.

You can buy a second hand box on Ebay for £40-£50 or a brand new one for £150.