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Longitude and Transponder Discrepancies

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120cm, DisEqC 1.2, SkyStar 2 PCI, SkyStar HD, MediaPortal, TVEngineV3, ProgDVB
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I have noticed a few longitude discrepancies with the KingOfSat data. When I cross check it to other data sources I can’t work out who is right.
This list gets it’s data from KingOfSat:
You can see that the following satellites are duplicated with slightly different longitudes and transponder counts:

Thor 2/3, Intelsat 10-02 (1°W) 1.0W ( 76 transponders)
Thor 2/3, Intelsat 10-02 (1°W) 0.8W (65 transponders)

Sirius 2/3 (5°E) 4.8E (64 transponders)
Sirius 2/3 (5°E) 5.0E (51 transponders)
Sirius 2/3 (5°E) 5.2E (1 transponders)

Badr 3/4 (26°E) 25.8E (7 transponders)
Badr 3/4 (26°E) 26.0E (49 transponders)

Astra 2A/2B/2D, Eurobird 1 (28°E) 28.2E (88 transponders)
Astra 2A/2B/2D, Eurobird 1 (28°E) 28.5E (106 transponders)

What are the correct longitudes and transponder lists when pointing at a certain orbit position?
Should I be joining transponder lists together?


Specialist Contributor
My Satellite Setup
125cm Gibbi with Channelmaster feedhorn and Inverto C120 twin.
36v H to H 62E - 61.5W
My Location
South central
Can if you want to. I assume you use ProgDVB or similar.

Problem is....

Badr 3/4 IS at 26.0E but Eurobird 2 is at 25.5E, Thor IS at 1W but Intelsat 10-02 is at 0.8W etc. I'm sure you get the picture.

Now here's the thing, unless you have a dish of 130cm or larger (bigger the dish, tighter the beamwidth) these WILL appear to be in the same orbital position as each other and can be lumped together in one transponder list. However as is the case with the Badr and Eurobird satellites with me, I find that I can distinguish the birds and have to move my dish 30 arcminutres to peak each one separately.

Hope this makes some sense.