looking for advice

okay iv done a bit of reading and one thing iv leant is that im still confused

one minute i read that i dont need a cam and card to get fta games i think that means free to air?

but then i read that i do . anyway after looking at a website that listed all th football that was on and there was still some good games on fta channels i belive ?

so to get these fta games all i need is a dish the biger the better and a lnb but i dont now which one ?

a reciver but um not sure what one

and then find the right sat that it said on the web site that had the free to air game?

okay now if i was to go for that setup just for the fta stuf would i need anything eles ? and what would be the cheepest i could get that lot for ?

okay now this stuff about cam and card i think that a cam plugs into the reciver so that the box can read the card that decodes the other sats and now im getting subscibtion channels?

okay so now lets say i want to get almost every sport channel thats any good for fottie what would be the best set up ssuch as





and how much would this cost

hope thiss is not too much to ask