Looking for cricket. Please Help!!


Ok...Last 2 days I have sifted thru Lyngsat and UK Sat forums. My head is reeling with all the different cards and encryptions and recievers and mods and what not!!! (Thank Gawd For Charlie!!) ;) Finally, I decided to do it the other way around. Find the satellite first and then bother with the equipment.

What I am looking for is dedicated sports channels. Specially cricket when England is playing. I noticed that Ten Sports is available in the UK as a package on different sats but the home page for Ten Sports shows it on Pas10 which is not viewable out here in the good ol' USA.

Besides this, I kept having a look at footprints for different sats but it has been of no help.

Can anybody who knows a bit of this let me know which UK sats I can recieve here.(Texas)???? I know Globecast hits out here but unfortunately they do not carry any sports package that would show cricket.




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Hi Shaan,
As one cricket lover to another I think that going by the lack of replies to your question that you are going to be out of luck I'm afraid.
Is it possible to receive any cricket from the West Indies.
As for receiving English sports programs in Texas (USA) I should think that you will be out of luck. If anyone knows anything different please let us know. O-no