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May 24, 2008
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actually im looking for firmware editor / universal editor software that can change the firmware... and else, for your information, i want to add fta channel to my ppv satellite receiver.... how can i do that???? what requirement or anything else i need to do????

**my satellite receiver brand and product name is not listed in any website and there's not much information about it.... so ive put some information that might tell you about my satellite receiver details......

My Receiving System Hardware (with lil' description).....
Phillips DTH receiving systems (Phillips INS 610 integrated receiver/decoder (IRD) supports all Pay TV structures such as subscription TV), near video on demand, pay per view, and impulse pay per view (IPPV). The IRDs utilise a smart card supported by the CryptoWorks conditional access system. To facilitate future IPPV plans, the IRD can be equipped with an integrated telephone modem to automatically report pay TV use. Programs can be either selected by direct channel number input via the IRD's remote control or from an on-screen electronic program guide. The IRD supports both a conventional TV aspect (picture width to picture height) radio of 4:3 as well as 16:9 for selected programs that are transmitted in a wider cinemascopic format.
A menu-based user interface supports initial system set up, where on screen 'fuel gauge' bars indicate relative signal strength and bit error rate. A signal strength audio tone also is generated so that adjustments can be made to the dish without needing to look at the TV screen to ascertain signal level. IRD outputs include: RF modulator, video, stereo audio, and a nine pin RS 232 data port for interfacing to a PC for diagnostics purposes or to support future data services. No on screen diagnostics are supplied by this IRD.
The outdoor portion of the system consists of a 60 or 85cm (depending on location within the footprint) offset fed dish with a gain of 36.1 dBi (or 38.9 dBi in the case of the 85cm dish) and 70 percent efficiency, a matching feedhorn and Ku band LNB. The dish size calculated to provide 99.7% service availability regions in the world.
The transmission power of the 13 meter uplink antennas can be boosted to 2.2 kW, its full capacity, during a thunderstorm in order to overcome potential rainfade on the uplink side. The power required on a clear day is only 12 watts or just over 0.5 percent of the available capacity.

hopefully you, or someone else can help me.... please....

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Nov 18, 2004
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I would just give it up as a bad job, firstly that unit is 12 years old there has never been any support for it and it has been superceded twice already.
Generation                          Manufacturer   Model     Year Introduced
1st generation / launch product     Philips        INS 610     1996
2nd generation                           Philips   DSX7072     1999
2nd generation                           Nokia     DVB 8750s   1999
3rd generation                           Philips   DSR4201     2004
Thomson   DVB 850s    2004