Looking for tips on what the best stuff to purchase is


Well after returning back to that sat scene, I've pretty much realised my old setup is defunct and needs upgrading lol.

I've pretty much settled on:

Dragon Cam
Infinity Phoenix programmer or dynamite one (which one is the best?)
Titanium card

I'm assuming you need a titanium card to work with the dragon cam or does it use a different type of card?

I'm sure I read on a forum somewhere that the Dragon cam emulates the card so a card isn't needed but that can't be right can it? :s

Anyway, if anyone can give me some pointers on what the best stuff is to get then I'd appreciate it :)

I'm only really picking up hotbird, 19.2 and 28.2 astras and sirius so is there much chance that I can get anything useful? I'm going to be re-aligning the dish soon and have a play so I should be able to get some other sat's I hope - the dish size is 1 meter.



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Hi m8
If you are going for Dragon Cam I would go for Dynamite its the combi I use.
Cam should be latest at least 3, Dynamite should come with loader card that will require software download for drivers, and setup from www.durolabs.com you will also require predator software 2.19 or 2.20 you can get on toecuttersden forum.
Yes the Dragon cam acts as emulator so you do-not require a card.
If you can I would motorise not a lot left on sirus gone to NDS, Astra at 19E, Hotbird and Thor are your best bets now.

Just remember this is only my opinion and every member of this forum will have there opinion as to the best combi: