M Rev CAM questions

Hi Everybody,
Thanks for your forum. it's so useful.
I have a receiver manhattan MX ( i.e: 5900 with MR 1.081 Embedded)
I got a new Mrev CAM with version 2.10. to view D+, but i still can't.
I have 2 questions:
1/ If MRev 2.10 decrypt D+, what should i do to get it?
2/ Is it possible to update my MRev CAM from 2.10 to 2.11 WITH ONLY my Laptop PCMICIA Port?

Thanks a lot
bigfoot1 said:
D+ is not here at the moment.
It is possible to update using your laptop, I do it all the time.
Thanks bigfoot1 for the reply.
I confess that I am lost in the forum. There are many specialists so that i feel offside. Could you indicate me the method to update my MRev by using my Laptop only,please. ( With PCMCIA Port)
Thank you


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It is not working with every laptop,the controller got to recognise the Module, if not, there are some tricks but they do not always work.
In general,if its an old laptop, your chances are good,a brand new one (32bit only) looks less likely.
I have very good results with old toshibas,(I bought a Toshiba Portege 660 on e-bay for 80euros) normally thats cheaper or the same then a CAS interface and a full Win98 computer comes with it for free,so you can download the software on the same machine.
If possible, just stick the module in to the pc card slot and see if the computer finds new hardware. If it does,your homefree. Now you take it back out and install the software, you find it on the MR sites. Its the same loader for MR and MRev.
After the install, insert the module again,it will now install the driver and thats it. Now you open the loader, select the pcmcia slot,select the software and click update. After the bar reached 100% (ca 1min) do NOT take the module out until it tells you to. Then stick it back in for about 15sec, this will inicialise it and then back in to the reciever. Thats it. The entire procedure takes about 3mins.
Good luck
Hi chrislloret vbmenu_register("postmenu_145086", true);

Thanks so much for yu answer.
I have a ''new'' laptop: DELL LATITUDE D500 with Win2K on.
I will try this way, with my laptop. otherwise, i 'll use an ''old'' one: HP Omnibook EX3 with Win98 on.
I'll be back.

Thanks again.