M1 Motorway - 50 years old



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Yes, the M1 is now 50 years old and some parts of the roadway feel it! (Cheap shot!)

Last Monday there was a celebration at the Watford Gap service area when a new musical was performed to celebrate.


I happened to be travelling back up through the country at the time and called in. I was able to buy a cup of tea at 1s 3d - or 6p as it now translates to - and, for a donation to the Children in Need bucket, eat a slice of the birthday cake.

The place was choc-a-block with people and there were three OB units reporting for ITV News. I wish I could have stayed for the premiere but I had to move on. I took a few photos as well, though. Just before we left my wife managed to blag one of the special T-shirts they'd had printed. I didn't know where to hide my embarassment!