Mafia Not Too Turned on by s_x?



Italy's infamous men of honor may be macho but they are not too turned on by s_x, Sicily's pre-eminent specialist on the Mafia psyche said on Friday.
"The virile Mafia boss is a thing out of American movies," said Girolamo Lo Verso, who recently compiled the report "La Psyche Mafiosa" based on hundreds of sessions with Mafia wives and children and even a few turncoats.

"We found that real mafiosi are more interested in power and being in command than s_x," psychoanalyst Lo Verso said in a telephone interview from Palermo.

"They have hurried s_x with their wives in order to have children and some have lovers to prove their virility, but it's not really a situation of passion," he said.

Another Hollywood myth, he said, is the idea that mob bosses would ever go to a shrink as Robert De Niro did in the hit comedy "Analyze This."

While family and friends of mob bosses have sat on the psychiatrist's couch, Lo Verso said only mafiosi who have already broken the vow of silence by turning state's evidence would go into therapy.

"It has never happened. The very idea is preposterous."