MAgic cam + Universal Cam


My Satellite Setup
Echostar AD3000IP Viaccess
1 Meter dish
Elvis Programmer 3.5
Seca 1.05
My Location
Reading, Berkshire.
Hi all i've just bought a Magic cam off e'bay (its still to come) £43- Plus loader card and a Universal cam and loader card, was it a good buy??

The version of the magic cam is 1.02 do i need to upgrade it?
What do i do with the Universal cam?

I have an Elvis Programer (Multiprogrammer Version 3.5) Will this program the files for a Magic cam
Can i use my old gold cards??
Which site is best for the codes?????

I used to program my S*ca 1.05 but that was a few years ago and its all changed, i think my Viaccess embedded cam is useless and so is the S*ca 1.05.

Thanks Chris