Man jailed for home castration



A judge has jailed a Taiwanese man who performed a castration in his kitchen.

Suo-Shan Wang, 29, was arrested in June after the willing victim of the castration became unwell outside his home.

Wang was convicted of practising medicine without a licence and sentenced to 14 months to four years.

Circuit Court Judge Fred Mester said such acts "will not be tolerated in this society."

Wang, in the United States on a student visa, told the court in Pontiac, Michigan, that he was trying to help people who were unable to get similar services elsewhere, but that he regretted his actions.

"Ever since that day, I really think that what I did was very very wrong," Wang said.

The man who underwent the castration did so because he wanted to curb his s_x drive as he had a sexually transmitted disease, prosecutors said.

Wang told police he learned the skill from his grandparents. He performed his first surgery on a dog and then on the dog's owner and three of the owner's friends in Australia, prosecutors said.


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