Man receives £31,500 roaming mobile broadband bill


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Sep 24, 2012
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Despite announcements from mobile and mobile broadband operators that they have lowered the cost of their roaming charges yet another unsuspecting customer has returned home from holiday with a staggering bill lying on their doormat.

It has been reported that Ian Dobsyn, a 34 year old IT worker from Salford, Greater Manchester returned home from a holiday in Portugal to find a bill from Yes Telecom awaiting him for the sum of £31,500. Mr Dobsyn reports that he downloaded Sky’s Prison Break a number of songs using his mobile broadband connection whilst away from home.

“The figures looked like they had come down from the Moon,” said Dobsyn. “I just laughed. There had to be some mistake.”

Luckily for this roamer he was able to agree a £31,271 reduction in bill costs thanks to the aid of his solicitor, Danielle Mestraud.

Mestraud of Farleys solictors in Manchester warned customers that they should take the time to read the small print before accessing television programmes abroad. However, she also aired her views that the ISPs have a part to play:

“…service providers also have a responsibility. It would be better if subscribers were given a monthly maximum spend so they could be notified if they had breached it, rather than only finding out when the bill arrives.”

Earlier in the year an Oxfordshire solicitor was stung for £4,900 after downloading an episode of The Apprentice and two other TV shows whilst in France. This customer also used a Vodafone 3G card through a contract with Yes Telecom.

Source: Daily Mail