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man walks into a bar


bog standard
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80 cm dish hh motor teco tm1000 dreambox 7020
cas 3interface
dragon cam.promax tv explorer 2.
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a man walks into a bar and shouts i want all the c*nts on the left hand side and all the w*nkers on the right. he then walks up to the bar and order a pint.the next day the man came in again and orders the c*nts to the left and the w*nkers to the right.and then went to the bar and ordered a pint.well the local hard man said to his mate if comes in again tomorrow im going to put him strait.next day in come the man and once again orders all the c*nts to the left and all the w*ankers to the right.up jumps the local hard man grabs hold of the man and say im no *****.the man replied get on the other side then with the w*nkers.


Bulbs need shelter too...
My Satellite Setup
No satellite stuff for the moment (aside from a 43cm minidish that was on the house already), Samsung SyncMaster T27B550 Smart TV & Monitor, and a few computers...
My Location
Near Pontop Pike, Co. Durham
I like it... :D

But the best one is;

A man walks into a bar, the other ducks... :D