Manhattan DSR 5500 CI-M



I have just bought one of these digital satellite receivers but wondering whether I have made the wrong choice. A few things are puzzling me at the moment, so please feel free to comment.

1) Can any goldwafer hobby card be loaded with the correct SECA files for it to decode the relevant channels ?
2) I would have assumed that the embedded SECA cam would be behind the single card slot, & that is what the manual seems to indicate, but how can I interrogate the cam / card once I put it in the slot ?
3) Going into the menu setup & then selecting the common interface option I am faced with:- SLOT A) no module inserted, SLOT :cool: DVB CAM, but there is no actual specific SLOT C option although I would have expected one.

The STB is not fully hooked up to all the reachable satellites so I'm just testing on Astra 28.2 but even though there are no SECA channels on that particualr satellite should I still not be able to interrogate the CAM slots & in particular the Goldwafer card I have inserted ?

I shall give the dealer I bought it from a call to see if they can shed any light on the matter.

Perhaps a wrong choice of STB or has anyone else had problems / no problems that they either cheer me up or not ? :)