Manhattan Starlight 5900+

Hello from Italy,
its possible to upgrade the UCAS on board of the Starlight 5900+ in a Matrix RL? If its possible, please send me the instructions.

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it prepares the Magic Cam, or either to leave in dremload
first it binds decoder in the television!
it enters in the menu system information, ok
it types 1212,it waits some seconds,disconnect decoder. it waits some seconds and it binds!
setup goes in the menu ca that it will see in slot To ucas activated!
later it makes this! to see annex!

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You will require 2 types of downloading cables namely as below:

a) NUL modem (crossed connections female to female) lead.

:cool: SERIAL (parallel connections female to male) lead.

Please install the loader program by running setup.exe in ucas folder. Choose default settings. The program will be installed in c:\program files\loader\loader.exe. (Instructions on ‘’ Loader v1.2pdf ‘’ file).

Choose the default settings for COM port , by default COM 1(as below).


1. Connect your receiver to your TV, power it ON and wait for 10 seconds.

2. On your receiver, select CA Setup and select Common Interface and press OK. It should display v1. on slot A. Press OK for sub menu which will display: Smartcard,

CI Resource, Firmware, Download. Select Download and press OK.

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3. Connect NUL Cable (crossed cable) to GREEN card and insert it into Hard-Wired card slot on the receiver. The green LED on the card should come ON momentarily and go OFF. If green LED remains ON then remove and re-insert the card. If green LED does not come ON then remove card, power OFF the receiver and power ON again. Repeat step 2 and reinsert the card.

4. Run the Loader program (c:\program files\loader\loader.exe.) see below.

5. Click on settings and select COM port (default is COM 1, Baud rate 9600)

6. Press OK on the receiver and click on File and select Loader.upd file. Then click on Download Now! Downloading will start which will take approximately 4 minutes.

7. The download progress bar will be displayed.

8. When the download is completed it will display ‘’ CAM Downloader Tool Ended ‘’

9. After download power OFF the receiver from mains and power ON again. Then select CA Setup and select Common Interface and press OK. It should display ‘’DREEM BOOT ‘’ on slot A.


11. Connect SERIAL Cable to YELLOW card and insert it into the Hard-Wired card slot. The green LED will come ON and remain on.

12. Double click Magic- Load.exe file and click on ‘’Settings’’ and select COM port ( default is COM 1)

13. Click on ‘’ Connect ‘’. When connected it will display ‘’ CONNECTED’’

14. Click on Program Module… icon.

15. Then select penta 109.mbf file and click on ‘’Open’’.

16. The download will start which will take approximately 4 minutes and the red LED on the card will start flashing.

17. After download has finished it will display ‘’ MODULE LOADED ‘’.Then click on ‘’Disconnect ‘’ and remove the card.

18. Power OFF the receiver from mains and power it ON again.

19. Select CA Setup and select Common Interface and press OK. It should now display

‘’ 1.09 PENTA ‘’ on slot A. Finished.