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I'm new here and, indeed, new to all of this satellite stuff, but I just received a shiny Manhattan Starlight MX with builtin Matrix Reloaded CAM today.

So far so good - I plugged it in (to my 19.2 dish which I installed some time ago) and I can receive loads of free channels.

What I don't know though, and what I hope someone can help me out with, is what should I be able to receive "out of the box" with this bit of kit?

I've found lots of talk of keys and encryption schemes, I've found a PentaCrypt module in my Common Interface section (v1.10) and read lots of posts from people wanting to upgrade their internal Matrix CAMs. Is this something I should want to do? What can I do with these keys I find on the web? Do I need to buy a smartcard or something?

If anyone could take a second to either point me to a useful site or post or even fire out a few words of guidance for a total newbie, it would be extremely useful!



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:-Welcome1 to the forum gordonjahn
Ok there are lots of questions there so 1st of all click here and have a look at this site it gives all the info about every satellite and channels available.
The key to the site is to be found at the bottom of the page
and is self explanatory. So you will know now which are FTA digital channels.
That is your starting point.