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matrix rev cam

My Satellite Setup
manhattan starlight 6800 reciever. cas interface 2. matrix revlution cam. fun 2 card. phonex infinity.
My Location
Hi everyone, I am very new to all of this. I just need some help and guiadance. I have the Matrix rev cam. I want to know if u can load matrix reborn/reloaded files on the matrix reveloution cam. I dont understand the following terms :

patched reciver , cas keys, firmware. what they mean an do?

I have an 1.2 meter moterised dish, and a manhattan starlight 6800 reciever. the only thing that seems to work is TPS on hotbird. can I update better files direct to the reciever, if so how? or any other cam files on the reveloution cam. I have read most of the threads, and its not making much sense. I am mainly intrested in mature content, and sport on sky. I would appreciate any help given.:confused