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Matrix Revolution / Reborn with official Seca II card

My Satellite Setup
Humax VACI-5300
My Location
I would like to ask for some advise :

I am planning to get a subscription (legal card) for Cyfra+ and was wondering, whether the Matrix CAMs are working with an official Seca 2 Cyfra+ card ?

Btw, I own a Humax VACI-5300.

Which one of the two Matrix CAMs is better, the Reborn or the Revolutions one ? What is the difference between the two ?

Will I need to update the CAMs to a new firmware once I bought them or is that not needed ? If yes, which one ?

I read in this forum that the Matrix Reloaded CAM cannot be initialised using Humax receivers, is this also true for the Matrix Reborn and Revolution CAMs ?

As you might have realised by now, I am rather a newbie when it comes to Matrix CAMs (SORRY !).

Thanks for your help !