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Hi, i have a matrix revolutions 2.18 and i have been trying to update it for a while, i have a laptop with a pcmcia slot and a pc with a pcmcia slot, i have both xp and 98se on both laptop and pc, after installing the ucas loader and inserting the cam, it is seen as: pcmcia mtd-0002 in xp, but in 98se nothing happens or is seen, does anybody know where the real drivers are located, or if those are them, what is the problem?

I also have a vxd file for 98se, that is supposed to be the drivers, but the instructions are in german!! getting Systran now!
anybody know how to install a vxd on it's J's?


How to update a Matrix-Reloaded CAM using a notebook - another try


For those who have problems upgrading an UCAS or MR CI-CAM to MR using

a notebook or lappie with PCMCIA slot here's something you can try.

There's no guarantee it will work for everyone though, sorry. Steps:

1. First Windows own PCMCIA-drivers must be installed.

2. For all Windows users *except* Windows 2000 users(!!!):

go to control-panel -> properties of PCMCIA-controller -> driver ->

more info. This will list all drivers of the PCMCIA-controller.

Windows XP users: chose update driver and when asked where to look

point to the subdirectoy of this package called -> xp_pcmcia and

install it.

Windows 98 and 98SE users(Millenium = 98SE, all the same): if your

chain of drivers(under -> more info) contains a file called cbss.vxd

then you can close all windows now. Go to "your" subdirectory of this

package (either -> 98_pcmcia or -> 98SE_pcmcia) and copy the file

cbss.vxd from that directory to your windows\system directory

replacing the original cbss.vxd file. You might rename the old file

first if you feel unsure. ;-)

Now reboot your machine(XP users shouldn't have to reboot but you

never know so do it anyway as it's just a matter of seconds).

Win98(SE/ME) users with no cbss.vxd listed don't have to copy anything

or to reboot. You should have pccard.vxd listed though, otherwise

something with your PCMCIA-controller installation is wrong. Try to

force PCIC-controller- or even general PCMCIA-controller- drivers and

after installing them do a reboot and go back to 2.

3. Win98(SE/ME) users: copy the file dvbcam.sys to your system32\drivers

directory *by hand* and reboot your machine again.

4. All Windows-users now, even those with Windows 2000: insert your UCAS

or MR CAM into your PCMCIA-slot. When asked for a driver point to the

dreammagic.inf file in this package. This should install the dvbcam.sys

file for Windows 2000 and XP users, Win98(SE/ME) users already did copy

this into the directory where it belongs(3.). You should hear a beep

now and get a symbol in the system tray. Do not pull the CAM before

another check: go to control panel -> properties of Smartcard(!) ->

driver -> more info. The dvbcam.sys driver should now be listed there

even for those who are running Win98(SE/ME) and there should be no

exlamation marks anywhere in the control panel, otherwise there's a

resource conflict with some other device in your system which needs

to be resolved first as next(that's not part of this readme... ;-) ).

5. Congrats if the dvbcam.sys driver is listed under your "Smartcard" :-)

You can run the loader_setup_1.3.exe now and install the UCAS package.

The application is run by clicking the ucas_loader and in the menus

after inserting your CAM and the beep you chose Settings -> PCMCIA ->

CAM 0 or 1, leave one PCMCIA slot empty so there's only one choice left

to select. Now chose your file, the file must be in *.upd-format.

After hitting "Download Now" do not touch or do anything else - first

it will go very quick and then slow again as if nothing is happening

at all. This is because the new software is first written to the CAM's

RAM and afterwards it's flashed too EEProm which takes a while - again

do not touch during this!! Only if it finally tells you to remove the

CAM then do it and reinsert. You'll hear an immediate beep again but

the CAM is *NOT* yet fully initialized(again) so do *NOT* touch it!!!

Wait for at least 30 seconds, after this you can remove your CAM(and

close the ucas_loader) and your CAM should be working already now.

No need to initialize again inside a receiver. :-)

If it doesn't work start over again. You can't do anything wrong once

the driver is loaded and you get the beep. Also the software-loader

inside the CAM won't be overwritten or damaged if it's already there.

Now good luck and keep trying, it's easy once you get the hang of it ;-)



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hi m8s

i have a pci adapter installed in my desktop i went to downloaded the laptop method and followed instructions . at number 17 i chose the mr update file i wanted and loaded my cam successfuly. hope this is of some use to you emachines


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emachines said:
hi m8s

i have a pci adapter installed in my desktop i went to downloaded the laptop method and followed instructions . at number 17 i chose the mr update file i wanted and loaded my cam successfuly. hope this is of some use to you emachines

sweet stuff guys:::::::))))))))))))