mature content Documentary



Channel 4 is to broadcast a documentary about the British s_x industry which is said to contain some of the most disturbing and explicit images ever screened on a mainstream UK channel.

It includes interviews with women working in the mature content business and scenes of graphic s_x acts.

Bafta-winning filmmaker Brian Hill told radio Times it would shock viewers but defended making the programme.

"It's a difficult film to watch but I don't think it is in any way salacious or titillating," he said.

"I think an awful lot of films about mature content are thinly disguised mature content films in themselves and I didn't want to fall into that trap.

"It might be difficult and it might be unpalatable but I am setting out to say that this is what it is like in the mature content industry today."

Hill's last documentary was Feltham Sings, a musical account of life in a young offenders' institute.

The latest documentary, called mature content: The Musical, also features the women involved singing about their lives.