mature content sites blocked called "Evil"



Pakistani telecommunication authorities have blocked more than 1,800 pornographic Web sites in an attempt to protect internet users from what they call their corrupting and evil influence.
More than 60 percent of an estimated one million internet users in Islamic Pakistan visit pornographic sites, said Zahir Mohammed Khan, a senior official of the state-run Pakistan Telecommunication Co Ltd (PTCL).

"We launched a campaign to block such web sites in February and, so far, have identified and blocked 1,800 of them," he told Reuters by telephone from Islamabad.

"But it's a difficult task as such sites are in millions."

The PTCL was also identifying what Khan called anti-Islamic and blasphemous sites.

"They too are being blocked," he said, without giving details.

Internet service providers (ISPs) say a majority of those accessing pornographic sites are youngsters. Middle-aged people are also said to be regular visitors.

Thousands of internet cafes have sprung up in major cities and in remote, often conservative towns where youngsters spend hours surfing mature content sites for as little as 35 cents an hour.