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DISH ONE:-Sky HD on a Zone 1 dish with Quad LNB using x2 Connections @ 28.2 Deg. DISH TWO:- is single Zone one with a single LNB @ 19.2 Deg coupled to a Comag Porty II reciever for FTA german TV.
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Houghton Regis, Dunstable
Hey All,

My mother simply neededs an LNB swapout! She has one of those original Amstrad Dishes from back in 89'... Yup, it's true, the dish went up in 89' and is still in daily use on 19.2 Degrees. !

The current LNB is analogue as is the reciever which has been changed over they years due to heavy use... She has a Prima by Pact at the mo!

I think I've got her a universal LNB so that she is then able to change to her DVB box which a mate of mine bought for her while in Germany last year.

Did try to connect up BUT got very very limited Ch's. Tested on my setup and was fine, deduced from this that the LNB was too old. Did also try My DVB box and also gor very few Ch's.

So, if someone wants to earn a tenna for simply comming along with their ladder and a scewdriver and removing a somewhat rusty LNB and putting the newer one up, Please get in touch.

You will need your own TALL ladders as the dish is on the Apex of the house at the tallest point!

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My Satellite Setup
A little less analogue, and a lot more crap.
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Errrr, you havent mentioned just how tall the house is .

And does your mother really want to watch German TV ?